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Laura Rider's Masterpiece
Written by Jane Hamilton
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Format: Hardcover: 224 pages
Pub Date: April 9, 2009
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 978-0446538954 (0446538957)

Jane Hamilton’s novels have always been laced with humor, but at last she’s written a full-blown comedy. Laura Rider's Masterpiece is not only very funny but sexy and provocative as well.

Laura and Charlie Rider have been married for twelve years. Together they’ve run the Prairie Wind Farm Nursery in picturesque Hartley, Wisconsin, where they enjoy common passions for gardening and storytelling. And though they no longer share a bed they are happy enough in their pleasant, platonic routines: Laura with her writing hobby, and Charlie with his zeal for life in general.

Jenna Faroli is the host of a popular radio show and “the single most famous person in the Town of Hartley,” in Laura’s eyes. After Jenna happens to cross Charlie’s path and they begin an e-mail correspondence, how can Laura resist using his identity to try out her new writing skills and converse with her hero? Together, Laura and Charlie craft florid, strangely intimate messages that entice Jenna in an unexpected way. Their project quickly spins out of control with hilarious, poignant, and memorable results.

In a story that is Le Divorce meets The Love Letter, Hamilton’s comedic voice is in full flower.


“A densely observed and seriously droll novel that reads like a dream. Astute, brazen, and very funny.”
—Meg Wolitzer, bestselling author of The Ten-Year Nap

 “This book is terrific. I wish I could read it for the first time again!”
—Patricia Marx, author of Him Her Him Again The End of Him

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