The Excellent Lombards
Hardcover | Grand Central | Fiction | April 19, 2016 | $26.00 | 978-1455564224 (455564217)

Mary Frances “Frankie” Lombard is fiercely in love with her family's sprawling apple orchard and the tangled web of family members who inhabit it. Content to spend her days planning capers with her brother William, competing with her brainy cousin Amanda, and expertly tending the orchard with her father, Frankie desires nothing more than for the rhythm of life to continue undisturbed. But she cannot help being haunted by the historical fact that... Read More
Laura Rider's Masterpiece
Hardcover | Grand Central | Fiction | April 9, 2009 | $22.99 | 978-0446538954 (0446538957)

Jane Hamilton’s novels have always been laced with humor, but at last she’s written a full-blown comedy. Laura Rider's Masterpiece is not only very funny but sexy and provocative as well.

Laura and Charlie Rider have been married for twelve years. Together they’ve run the Prairie Wind Farm Nursery in picturesque Hartley, Wisconsin, where they enjoy common passions for gardening and storytelling. And though they no longer share a bed... Read More

When Madeline Was Young
Trade Paperback | Anchor | Fiction - Literary | September 2007 | $13.95 | 978-1-4000-9699-2 (1-4000-9699-5)

Jane Hamilton, award-winning author of The Book of Ruth and A Map of the World brings us a rich and loving novel about a non-traditional family in the aftermath of a terrible accident.

When Aaron Maciver’s beautiful young wife, Madeline, suffers a head injury in a bicycle crash, she is left with...
Read More
Trade Paperback | Anchor | Fiction | July 2001 | $13.95 | 978-0-385-72046-5 (0-385-72046-7)

From Jane Hamilton, author of the beloved New York Times bestsellers A Map of the World and The Book of Ruth, comes a warmly humorous, poignant novel about a young man, his mother's e-mail, and the often surprising path of infidelity.

Henry Shaw, a high school senior, is about as comfortable with...
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A Map of the World
Trade Paperback | Anchor | Fiction | December 1999 | $13.95 | 978-0-385-72010-6 (0-385-72010-6)

From the author of the widely acclaimed The Book of Ruth comes a harrowing, heartbreaking drama about a rural American family and a disastrous event that forever changes their lives.

The Goodwins, Howard, Alice, and their little girls, Emma and Claire, live on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Although suspiciously regarded by...
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The Short History of a Prince
Trade Paperback | Anchor | Fiction | March 1999 | $13.95 | 978-0-385-47948-6 (0-385-47948-4)

Walter McCloud is a boy with dreams unlike most. Introduced as a child to the genius of Balanchine and the lyricism of Tchaikovsky, Walter has always aspired to be a dancer. As he grows older, it becomes clear that despite his desire, he lacks the talent, and he faces the painful... Read More
The Book of Ruth
Trade Paperback | Anchor | Fiction | December 1989 | $14.95 | 978-0-385-26570-6 (0-385-26570-0)

Winner of the 1989 PEN/Hemingway Foundation Award  for best first novel, this exquisite book  confronts real-life issues of alienation and violence  from which the author creates a stunning testament  to the human capacity for mercy, compassion and  love. Read More
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